News: Wivenhoe earns Fairtrade status!

In February 2010, Wivenhoe became a Fairtrade Town. This is the result of lots of hard work from local residents and our schools and churches. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


Welcome to our website! We are a group of local people who believe that everyone can do their bit to help make the world a fairer place by buying fairly traded products.

Over 3,000 products have been certified as Fairtrade, and lots of them are available in Wivenhoe: tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, biscuits, bananas and lots more. Our Fairtrade directory lists the places you can buy them.

Together with our schools, churches and other community organisations, we are working towards Fairtrade Town status for Wivenhoe. Fairtrade Town status is based on five goals; we will be submitting our application in late 2009. Watch this space!

Does buying fairtrade really do any good?

Popping to the shop for a packet of fairtrade teabags clearly isn't going to solve world poverty overnight. But buying fairtrade really does make a difference. In 2008, consumers spent £1.6 billion on fairtrade products - which helped guarantee fairer and more stable incomes to thousands of farmers in developing countries. Fairtrade projects also fund essential community initiatives - like the schools and health facilities you can see in these short films.

Getting involved

* Buy fairtrade products whenever possible
* Persuade your friends and family to support fairtrade
* If fairtrade products aren't available in your local shop or restaurant - ask for them!
* Contact our steering group to become a member or help out in other ways.

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